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Why hello there. Want to see more of our work? Check out just some of what we've been up to below.

We Do Canvas.

Here at Paint by the Pint we do things a little differently. We never paint the same thing twice and I am painting it for the first time right along beside you. We are problem solving together. There is so much out there to paint and it will mean that your painting is especially unique. Not everyone will have it. It also means that if you like the inspiration image you won't want to procrastinate. That is not to say we won't paint the same theme again. We love our galaxy paintings, our naked ladies, mermaids, we have a thing for horses and octopi.  Do you want to pick the inspiration image for an event? You and I can absolutely do that together.

I am a hands on teacher, you won't leave the event disappointed. I will walk you through everything step by step, no experience necessary. You'll notice going through our past gallery images that all of our paintings seem much more difficult, it's true. We do harder paintings. I break them down and verbalize the steps so that anyone can do this. This is the biggest difference between my business and the franchised versions. I help you create real art and we do it together. Paint by the Pint is very special, you guys make us special every time you come back to paint with us again and again. 

Pint- Sized Painters

We have unique opportunities for little artists. We have mommy and me classes for all ages. Summer Camps. Easier paintings on smaller canvases that will be successful for all ages. We love supporting and fostering little hands who grow up to continue to love and appreciate art. 

We do lots of birthday parties, team building, sports teams, teachers, PTA, home-schoolers, scouts, Military Family Readiness Groups, bachlorettes, mommy groups, girls nights out, churches. The fun is limitless when you combine good people, good art, good food, good attitudes. It's amazing! 

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