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We Do Wood Signs.

We love the new trend of making our own home decor with wood signs. We use handcrafted wood in two sizes right now. Rectangle 11"x 14" and Square 11"x 11". We are keeping it very simple, every thing is $40. We will add new sizes and designs as we grow this side 0f the business. 
Weird is a side effect of awesome
Chief Chaod Coordinator
More than friends, small gang
I'll be there for you-friends
I like you and I love you
fresh sarcasm. served daily
No Soliciting
Go for it
Please excuse the mess
Youre crazy is showing
You are Invited
If not now, then when
I promise to still grab your butt
I love us 2
Hey you I love your face
Dogs because People Suck
But did you Die.
Dog Mama
Tree Stump Initals
You make me smile
You are amazing just the way you are
When life gets blurry, adjust
The things you take for granted
Salty Kisses Starfish wishes
Live fully in the season you are in
FOrget the mountains, target
You me and the dogs - Copy
You me and the cats - Copy
You got this - Copy
You are my home and adventure - Copy
You and ME - Copy
Together is my favorite place - Copy
No selfies in the bathroom
Poor planning on your part
Real not perfect 2
This is Us
To plant a garden is to believe in tomor
Life is hard, John Wayne
Just one more episode, I swear
In a field of roses she is a wildflower.
I freaking love you
Dog hair dont care
Because Dogs - Copy - Copy
Cat hair dont care - Copy
Come in we are Awesome
Because Cats - Copy
Abs are cool...but
You are weird
All I care about is Pasta
Be fearless in the pursuit 1
Chin up Princess
Collect Moments not Things
Creativity is messy
Easy Tiger
Hold on, I've gotta overthink
I love how we 1
I love us
Im only talking to my dog today
Its so good to be home
Lets Stay home
Maybe shes crazy, maybe she needs carbs
Normal is Boring
Rise and Shine1
Stay Humble Hustle Hard 1
You are capable
Zero Fox Given



Snarky to Sweet

These are fun designs to brighten any living space.  Give to a friend, remind your family of something, encourage one another, give subtle hints. Any reason at all. 



Nursery to Dorm

I would have loved these growing up. Funny, inspirational, encouraging. Just awesome. 

Star Trek Emblem
Pizza Planet
Hulk Fist
Dishonor on your cow
Chuck Norris Approved
I love you 3000
Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun
Poison Apple
Be kind or be quiet
MIckey Deathstar
i KNOW weightlifting
i KNOW tennis
i KNOW Volleyball
i KNOW football
i KNOW golf
Capatin Marvel
Boss Princess
No selfies in the bathroom
Raised by WOlves
In a field of roses she is a wildflower.
I freaking love you
Geometric animals
Darth Vader
Cutest pumpkin in the patch
Be a mermaid, make waves - Copy - Copy
Creativity is messy
Chin up Princess
I like naps
I love you more than all the stars
Just one more chapter 1
Life is tough my darling
Never stop looking up 1
Rise and Shine1
The earth without art
You are capable
Pizza Planet
I speak French fries
I run on coffee and cuss words
Every Pizza is a personal pizza
Dogs and Coffee
Coffee is my birthstone
Coffee and Silence
But First Tea
Adventure then pizza
Chick fil a is my love language
Coffee is my Love Language
Chocolate Understands
Chocolate is my Love Language
I just want to drink wine and pet my dog
The best wines are the one we drink with
When in doubt add more wine
LOTR food
Grab life by the Beans
Crabby before my coffee
Accio Coffee
Get naked, just kidding
Get naked, just kidding 2
Does running out of Tacos
Life happens, coffee helps
I like my coffee on the dark side
I drink and i know things
Fueled by coffee and carbs
Dont need an inspirational quote
Feed me tacos and tell me Im pretty
Come here you big beautiful cup of coffe
Coffee lifeline - Copy
Carbs are my soulmate - Copy - Copy
Caffine before Chaos - Copy - Copy
Wine Not
but first coffee
I love you more than coffee
Drink Coffee and Pretend
Coffee and Friends
Wine taster will work for free
I just rescued some wine
All I care about is Pasta
Eat well travel often
Get naked
Laundry Sucks
Life is a combination of magic and pasta
Maybe shes crazy, maybe she needs carbs
Mermaids need coffee too
Wine, bottled up





All the important places

Food, Wine, Bathroom Humor. What more could a girl ask for. 

Life finds a way
On your left
I'll be there for you-friends
Star Trek Emblem
I can do this all day
Pizza Planet
I love you 3000
Hulk Fist
Dishonor on your cow
Chuck Norris Approved
Americas Ass
I drink and i know things
LOTR food
I love you, I know
Support the Troops
I dont need rescuing
Merry christmas you filthy animal
Just one more episode, I swear
as you wish - Copy - Copy
Just look at the Flowers 1
Espresso Patronum
HP Always
Mischief Managed
I solemly swear
In Omnia Paratus
So I can kiss you anytime I want
There's no place like home
You had the power all along my dear
you're killing me smalls
Keep on Rollin D20
I win D20
Shit Happens D20
MIckey Deathstar






Best of the big and small screens

Lets commemorate some of the best one-liners in the biz. 

This family is set apart
Life began in a Garden
Act Justly
Love Mercy
Walk Humbly
Jesus over everything
Hand to Hand Heart to Heart
Be strong and courageous
Bear Fruit
joyful joyful 2
Jesus loves me this I know
It is well with my soul
He is Risen Alleluia
You call me out upon the waters
Faith can move mountains
Let your Faith be bigger than your fears


God is Great

Wonderful little reminders that we are not in charge...something I can use all the time. 

Flat Earth
Adventure then pizza
You are my home and adventure - Copy
WE were together, I forget the rest
I hate people
I havent been everywhere but...
Eat well travel often
Bigfoot Hide and Seek
The mountains are calling
Say yes to Adventures
Take a hike round
Take me home country roads

Travel and


Take me away

It's a small world and I plan on seeing it all.

Land of the Free 8x10
Land of the Free Becasue of the Brave
Let Freedom Ring (2)
Let Freedom Ring-USA
From Sea to Shining Sea-USA
Land that I love
Land of the Free Because
Born and Raised
Let Freedom Ring (1)
The evergreen state



Love for the places we've been

America and Beyond.

When you walk...
Teachers have class
It takes a big heart to shape little min
Chief Chaod Coordinator
Teaching is Heart Work
you are more
Stormtrooper Reindeer
Some Bunny Loves you
Having a weird mom builds Character
Christmas truck
Squad Goals
Merry christmas you filthy animal
Cutest pumpkin in the patch
You're the MOM
Wonder Mom
Home is where
Best Mom ever
Best mom in the Galaxy
Dad Vader
Yoda the best Dad
The earth without art
The influence of a good teacher
Life without Music
You're my lucky charm
Irish Blessing
Erin go Bragh
Baseball Love
you'll shoot your eye out 1
Double Double Toil and Trouble
witch better have my candy
Thankful and Grateful
I put a spell on you
In everything Give Thanks
most wonderful
Christmas Tree Farm
O Come let us Adore Him
Merry Everything and Happy New Year
Reindeer Aviation
walking in a winter
have yourself


Year-round celebrations 

This is where you will find new designs for the seasons. Holidays, Major and Minor because lets be real. Mother's Day should always be considered a major holiday. Plus the special Teacher appriciation designs. 

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